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Cillian Tadhg
30 October
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. c . i . l . l . i . a . n . . t . a . d . h . g .

Name: Cillian Tadhg
Birthday: 30 October, 1959
Age: 16
Bloodline: Pure Blood
Residence: Dublin, Ireland
Family Members: Aine and Speranza Tadhg; parents. Eilis, Rian, and Bri Tadhg; siblings
Likes: Quidditch, meeting people, traveling, girls, and food
Dislikes: fighting, school, Cockney accents, and bugs
Fears: He fears that his father is disappointed in him, and that he fails to live up to some invisible standard.


House: Hufflepuff
Year: 6th
Best Classes: Charms
Worst Classes: Transfiguration
OWLS: Astronomy [E], Charms [E], DADA [E], Potions [E], and Herbology [A]
Enrolled: Astronomy, Charms, DADA, Potions
Teams: Quidditch, Keeper
Wand type: Yew, 14”, Leprechaun hair

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 170lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Sense of Style: Casual, tee-shirts and jeans with tennis shoes
Typical Scent: He smells a bit like grass and sweat
Posture: He stands tall, and proud. Though a bit of a dork on all accounts despite his confidence.

Cillian is a bright, somewhat charming, loud personality. He usually smiles and takes everything with ease and hardly bats an eye at anyone or anything no matter how uncouth it might be. Generally he believes that things are as they are meant to be, and not overly fussed with trying to right the wrongs or injustice in the world. He accepts muggleborn and pure bloods alike, but understands they don’t always accept each other. He sees, really, no reason to persuade them to like each other either.

That isn’t to say there aren’t things that bother him. On no. For one thing, he would really like someone to explain the purpose of bugs to him; they are rather unsightly, annoying and everywhere at Hogwarts. Some aren’t even all that small. He really thinks there is something wrong with Cockney slang and accents as well. He doesn’t understand the reason to use all these words to say something that…isn’t what they just said. He finds it rather confusing, and a particularly strange habit for muggles to have. Though he is aware that it seems contain to England. And while he is the keeper for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, he finds fighting to be a rather tedious, drawn out, boring thing. Who cares about half the things people always fight about? Not that he doesn’t sometimes get involved with fights, it is just a very rare thing. Very rare. And last, but not least, he isn’t fond of school. He thinks it takes up time to teach very pointless things that he is fairly certain he will never be good at, or even use in life. Such as transfigation. At point, really, will he ever need to turn a cup into a mouse?

He also worries a great deal about not leaving up to some strange standard of excellence his father conjured up. His sister and brother (Eilis and Rian) are both accomplished wizards, each achieve prestigious jobs within the wizarding word and bringing pride to the Tadhg name. Even Bri, his younger brother by 2 years already excels in every subject he has attempted. Which is why, Cillian supposes, Bri is in Ravenclaw, boasting already that he will get 10 OWLs. It worries him, at times, that he isn’t as smart as his siblings. Or, rather, that he doesn’t have the care to apply himself. He’d rather hang out with his friends, than open a book to read. His only hope is that he can find a place with a professional Quidditch team, and somehow impress his father in that manner. However, he sometimes thinks that his father is less than impressed with his Quidditch skills.


Cillian was born on 30 October, 1959 at 23:47. He was, his mother told him, wasn’t supposed to be born for another three weeks, but was rather impatient to see the world. Growing up he was pampered, his every desire and want catered to at a whim even though his family was not particularly wealthy. Oh, they managed, and even when the family was in wont of money, their children were never made to worry. Things simply carried on without a care.

His eldest sibling was his sister, Eilis, who was almost 10 years his senior. She’d be eight and three quarters a year old when he was born, and never once let him forget that she was the boss. He hardly remembered much of their interactions before she went to school, but as he got older she would come home and bossly try to inform him of all the great wizarding things she could do. Rian was three years younger than her, and had always preferred to not have much to do with Cillian if he could help it. They seemed to not really get along, though not really failing to get along either. They simple co-existed, and shared a room when their youngest sibling was born. It was then that Cillian realized he was somehow stuck in the middle of things. Eilis was the oldest and the only girl. As such she could never do wrong. Rian was the oldest born, and treated like the heir to the Tadhg throne. And then Bri was the baby, and lavished upon.

Not that Cillian was lacking in things, but he often realized that he was not a good enough role model for Bri, and never living up to the talent of his older siblings. And they were talented. Eilis had been sorted into Gryffindor during her time at Hogwarts, and Rian into Ravenclaw while he attended. Both had brought home 8 or 9 OWLs, and graduated with the admiration of their teachers and fellow students.

When Cillian came to Hogwarts in 1971, however, he had been intending to follow his siblings onto greatness…only to be sorted into Hufflepuff. It was so disheartening to him that when Rian poked fun at him for it, he almost ran off. Almost. He was a boy, though, not a cry baby. Slowly he came to adjust, making friends with his house mates and trying to do his best. However it did seem to him that his father had been disappointed to discover his son was a Hufflepuff, though he never said as much.

Cillian adjusted to life slowly, before coming to accept that he was proud to be in his house. By third year he even tried out for the Quidditch team. He failed to make the team his third year, going up against Hufflepuff’s keeper (a 7th year named Marcus Pennington), but he tired out again in his 4th year and made the team. And from that moment on Cillian knew one thing, and one thing only about his life- he was good at Quidditch. Why he’d have hazard a guess to say he was the best keeper at Hogwarts…

At least that was his opinion. He has allowed very few scores since he joined the team, something he takes great pride in. It has also been suggested that he is good enough to make a professional team, so long as he stays focus on it as a goal. Which, really, it is his only goal. His father had even pointed out that he could only do two things after his OWL scores- play Quidditch, or clean floors for the ministry. So that is his goal, though he still attends classes, and tries to at least pass his courses, his real focus lately has been on simply being the best damn keeper Hogwarts has to offer.


[Family:] Cillian is the third of four children to a pure blood Irish family. His father, Aine, is an accomplished writer who has penned a number of books concerning the affects and use of many uncommon charms. His income is somewhat varied because of this, the money waning more as book sales slack off. However, his text are used for some schools in Europe, at least of late. It has caused a bit of a rise in free money. Aine attended Hogwarts, and graduated from Gryffindor. His mother, Speranza, also attended Hogwarts and graduated from Slytherin. She works for the Ministery of Magic Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She once had dreams of being the Minster of Magic, but says that her family prevented that. She doesn’t seem bitter, but at times she seems to…wonder how things could have been different. Eilis is his eldest sibling, and graduated from Gryffindor. She currently works in Eastern Europe trying to help control a number of giants that are terrorizing local villages. Rian, his older brother, graduated from Ravenclaw and currently is trying to become an Auror. Bri, his youngest sibling, is a 5th year Ravenclaw who is quite possibly the biggest overachiever in the family to date.

[Strengths:] Cillian is easy going and laid back, which often works to his advantage. He is hard to work up it fights. He is an excellent Quidditch player, and it is counted among his strongest talents. He is observant, sort of. And he is a good friend and listener.

[Weaknesses:] He lets a lot of wrong go in face of not getting involved. He feels that his family looks down on him, and lets it affect his moods negatively. Cillian often takes school with a grain of salt and doesn’t apply himself to learning, or apply his learning to life. He isn’t good at giving advice, and is rather terrible at remembering things he is supposed to remember, while always seeming to recall the things you wish he didn’t.
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Player: EJ
PB: Paolo Nutini
Extras: seventhyear_rp

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